Patient insight - perioperative smoking and alcohol cessation intervention

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Hanne Tønnesen
Susanne Vahr Lauridsen


Background The involvement of patient preferences is sometimes forgotten in the evidence-based medicine and the development of clinical guidelines. Many preunderstandings among clinical staff exist on patients’ preferences towards smoking and alcohol cessation programs.

The aim of this project was therefore to get insight of the patients’ preferences regarding undertaking smoking and risky alcohol cessation intervention to reduce postoperative complications.

Method Six Scandinavian interview studies on adult surgical patients were identified and the focus of the analyses was on preference and motivation of the patients in relation to cessation programs taking place in the perioperative period.

Results Five intensive programs and one brief program were offered for smoking and alcohol cessation. All participants welcomed being offered the hospital’s support to quit smoking and risky drinking in relation to surgery. Most of them felt especially motivated by the possible health gain following the coming surgery it-self.

Conclusion The patients seem to have a high preference for smoking- and alcohol cessation intervention in relation to surgery, especially towards the intensive programs.

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Tønnesen H, Lauridsen SV. Patient insight - perioperative smoking and alcohol cessation intervention. ClinHealthPromot [Internet]. 2017 Dec. 31 [cited 2023 Dec. 7];7(1):18-21. Available from:
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