Evaluating a Healthy Lifestyle Training Program for a Group of China Medical Students

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Peter Chuk
Albert Tsai
Alan Siu
Vergil Tang


Introduction Learning and developing a healthy lifestyle through training are crucial for individual wellbeing in the long run to prevent lifestyle-induced diseases. The study aimed to screen participants’ health risk indicators and evaluate the effectiveness of a healthy lifestyle training course for them.
Method A cross-sectional design was used to evaluate an 8-hour structured healthy lifestyle course over one week. The course was conducted for 48 China medical students during their learning visit in Hong Kong in August 2017. A case scenario of potential lifestyle-induced health problems and workbook were provided for participants’ discussion, reflective learning, practice and application. Health risk indicators measurement was demonstrated for their self-measured analysis and awareness of risks with lifestyle intervention. Their health learning experience was evaluated by 12 questions posed after training.
Results Participants’ indicators were measured and identified at moderate/high health risks which included overweight 15% (7/47), lifestyle-related hypertension 45% (21/47), excessive stress 13% (6/48), lack of adequate exercise 94% (44/46) and inadequate sleep 50% (23/46). A Pearson Correlation of BMI to Metabolic Age Gain is positive (coefficient=0.726, p<0.001). The participants strongly agreed that the learning method facilitated their health practice and enhanced their interest to change lifestyle habits in the learning process.
Conclusion Education of healthy lifestyle for healthcare students is pivotal to prevent and control lifestyle-induced non-communicable diseases as a global concern. Training and coaching with reflective health practice are effective in skills learning for health gain and recommended to other healthcare professionals and community population of patients, family, staff and students.

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