Published: 2014-10-31

Short- And Long-Term Effect of a Worksite Group versus Individual Counseling on Physical Activity and Dietary Habits in Moderately Overweight Hospital Employees – A Randomized Controlled Trial

Lise N Søndergaard, Kim Overvad, Elizabeth L Andreasen, Lone B Rosenkilde, Anne-Mette Haugaard, Claus Dethlefsen, Jane Andreasen (Author)


Does an Intensive Alcohol Cessation Intervention at the Time of Fracture Surgery Induce Smoking Cessation? - The Scand-Ankle Study

Erika Wernheden, Marianne Aalykke, Bolette Pedersen, Julie WM Egholm, Jes B Lauritzen, Bjørn L Madsen, Hanne Tønnesen (Author)


Gender and Content Influence Second-Level Students’ Expectations of Health Education Seminars Provided in a Health Promoting Hospital Setting

Cecily C Kelleher, David Kelly, Oran Finnegan, Mary Kerley, Kirsten Doherty, Irene Gilroy, Greg Conlon, Patricia Fitzpatrick, Leslie Daly (Author)


Diabetes and Weight Loss: a Pilot Study

Yen Ang, Teik Kee Ng, Chai Nyuk Chong, Keat Hui Ch’ng (Author)